Battle-ready for production

Grab The Flag

About Swordscode

Swordscode is a small, one-person company (OPC) that specializes in providing software product development services. We recently also started developing indie mobile games.

Everything we create, we aim for quality that’s battle-ready for production.

Our Team

Arijit Basu

Arijit Basu

Subhajit Kumar De

Subhajit Kumar De

Games We Produced

Grab The Flag

Grab The Flag

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Services We Provide

Programming Services

Hire our developers to build, fix and improve your software products. Our developers specialize in building Software-As-A-Service products and Android games, but are also ready to take on challenges that they find interesting.

Work For Us

Before sending your resume, you should know:

We are a small team of indie creators. We believe having fun while creating value is very important. We prioritize health (mental and physical) over profit.

Every one of us make most of the decisions ourselves, but don’t hesitate to share valuable knowledge, suggestions and constructive feedbacks with each other. We know what we are doing, or rather, we are experts in our domain. Everything we make, we challenge ourselves to push beyond our current abilities.

If you think we’re a great fit for you, please send your resume to [email protected].

Contact Us

Swordscode Solutions OPC (Pvt.) Ltd, #15A, 4th Floor, City Vista, Suite No.435, Fountain Road, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra - 411014